The Captain Francisco: Daddy Come Home

The Captain Francisco

Daddy Come Home / Children Rock On – Stella Records

The Captain Francisco releases his debut single (with a digital flip-side) on all online platforms.

As first singles go, Daddy Come Home is a revelation. It’s a track that drinks deep from the well of rock’n’roll history whilst keeping an ear to its present and future. In less than three minutes, it transplants The King into a homespun, kitchen sink drama that plays out over a riot of sub bass and pitch-bent studio noise. The ‘b-side’ – Children Rock On – is a ping pong glam racket, like David Essex playing live in a packed amusement arcade.

Daddy Come Home is accompanied by a video starring Antony Head as a psychedelic King Lear reflecting in dressing room downtime. Antony Head says of the video:

“When Captain Francisco first played me Daddy Come Home, I was blown away. The idea of using the tones of Elvis to enrich the piece is genius. So when he asked me if I would be up for filming a video for it, I was immediately on board. Cut to his concept of King Lear singing the song. Yes. Please.We had dialogues about how to best utilise Lear in the concept of the song. The film would start with the actor playing the role, in front of his dressing room mirror, on tour somewhere, away from home. We had the idea of watching Albert Finney in The Dresser, when he is getting ready to go on stage, as Lear. It gave us so much – the whole idea of grease paintstage make-up, of a crepe hair beard, the white haired wig of the character being assembled as the actor speaks Lear to himself in the mirror. The whole process of filming was a joy. Daddy Come Home is a gem, and I feel honoured to be a part of it.”

Daddy Comes Home & Children Rock On were written and produced by The Captain Francisco. Daddy Comes Home features vocals by Gavin Lazarus and additional direction from Chris Merrick Hughes; Children Rock On features vocals by Chris Turtle.

Charlie Jones envisaged The Captain Francisco as a living work of Pop Art. Charlie is a studio alchemist and long time musical collaborator & producer (working with Goldfrapp, Robert Plant, Siouxsie among many others). The Captain Francisco was envisaged as a way to reposition the very building blocks of rock’n’roll into ever more fantastical new structures by gleefully stitching together myriad eras genres and multiple eras, and treating the greatest voices and sounds of the last 60 years of music as if they were presets to be played with. The Captain Francisco imagines a world where bright-eyed, forward thinking pop music is the best salve for the dark times we’re living through. Get ready to rock on!

Captain Francisco has now released a second single God (Why Won’t You Listen) and More with further releases planned in 2022.

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